Our Parish Faith family is blessed with many volunteers who generously give their time
and share their talents with our faith community.  They do this without any expectation of compensation.  They are an example of servant-leadership and giving. They are a blessing
to our faith community.

The following is the list of our parish ministries and a description of each ministry.                      If you would like to volunteer for any ministry, kindly email the parish office.

Our Lectors make the Liturgy of the Word meaningful for the assembly by proclaiming God's Word. They inspire the community to ponder and meditate on God's words in their daily lives.

Eucharistic Ministers
The ministry of distributing Holy Communion at Mass is a valuable and necessary service to the faithful of our parish. The Eucharistic Ministers assist the priest and deacon with the distribution of Holy Communion whenever the number of worshipers demands that the priest (and deacon, when present) have help to distribute communion in a timely and dignified manner.

Besides this assistance at Mass, some Ministers also assist with the important task of taking Communion to the sick and the homebound. They bring the love of Christ and his body, the Church, to those who are most in need of his comfort.

The Ushers direct processions, take up the collection, and find seating for those attending Mass. The Ushers also welcome those who come to Mass, making them feel comfortable
and attending to any needs that they may have. Some serve as hosts for the monthly Social Gatherings and other parish events throughout the year.

Altar Servers
Altar servers assist in the sanctuary at Mass. Servers carry the processional cross, the candles, and generally serve the priest in the celebration of the Eucharist. In our parish, adults and children serve together. Training is provided, so the altar server becomes familiar with the worship space and the sanctuary. We encourage parents to encourage their children (grade two to high school) at serving Mass as part of their child's religious education.

Pastoral Home Care Ministry:  A Ministry of Presence
This is a service to our parishioners who are homebound; those who are no longer able to physically come to church, usually due to illness or advanced age, to fully participate in the social and sacramental life of the community. The homebound are served by regular visits, usually for an hour and on a weekly basis, by trained pastoral care workers, for the purpose of reinforcing the person's self-appreciation and sense of belonging to the church and keeping the homebound connected to Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish community.

Each visit consists of two essential parts: first, a time of personal interaction, when the pastoral visitor listens actively to the person visited; and second, a time of prayer, usually centered on the serving of Holy Communion. You are asked to refer a friend, a relative, or anyone in the parish who may benefit from this service of regular pastoral visits to the Pastoral Home Care Ministry team, through the pastor, the parish office or the ministry coordinator. As this ministry is delivered by volunteers who are from within our parish, all in the parish are invited to discern if they are called to this particular way of loving and serving, this ministry of presence to one's neighbour.

Knights of Columbus
Our parish is blessed to have two arms of the Knights of Columbus, who assist us in our endeavours. They can always be counted on to help out. No task is too small or too big for them.

The two groups are:
Knights of Columbus, Luke Hart Council 5558 hold their monthly general meeting the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Knights of Columbus, Bishop John Beahen Assembly 2230 hold their monthly general meeting on the 4th Tuesday of every month.