Norman Levesque

Office Administration
Louise Levesque (Office Manager)
Robella Folliet (Bookkeeper)

Ray P.
Aurelio B.

Pastoral Council
André and Andrea Levesque
Tony Torres and Flor Munoz-Torres
Roy and Mary Conrod

Finance Council
Nancy Conrod
Richard Currie
Sandra Aldridge 
Theresa Letemplier
Otto Dietz
Kathy Gaudet
Mila de la Cruz 

Should you have any suggestions for ways to improve our parish,
kindly do not hesitate to speak to any Council Members.


We have formed two committees to help with the administration of the parish:  an Advisory Committee to provide guidance as needed as well as
Building Committee to look after the upkeep of our church property.

Advisory Committee
Marc Mes
Barry Kapcala

Building Committee
Gord Atkinson
Patrick Collins
Mark Pacey